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Jean Bankett

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Barbara Samaroo for about 2 years. During that time I was diagnosed with early stage of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was concerned when my RA doctor suggested I take anti-rheumatic drugs to treat the condition. Since the suggested drugs have lots of undesirable side effects, I decided to talk to Dr. Barbara to get help.
Dr. Barbara performed a Body Scan and recommended I change my diet, by eating according to my Blood Type. Additionally, she recommended I take supplements and increase my water intake to ½ of my body weight in ounces. Currently I drink 100 ounces of 9.5pH alkaline water daily. I began feeling stronger, and began walking on the track progressing up to 2 miles after being on this regimen for about 5 months. My RA doctor conducted some tests and was amazed at my results! There was no inflammation or swelling in my hands or in my joints. He told me that he would see me in 6 months for a follow up. Thanks to Dr. Barbara, I regained my health and I feel great!!!
Your Doctor Barbara
In October 2020, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Although the cancer had not spread, my Oncologist and Surgeon suggested I take both Chemo and Radiation treatments since the cancer was aggressive and the treatments could possibly prevent reoccurrence. I was very concerned and sought counseling from Dr. Barbara. I honestly did not want to take chemo and radiation. Despite my fears about Chemo I took the treatments. Dr. Barbara was supportive with prayers and suggested supplements to make the treatments easier for me to endure. She suggested that I begin taking 16 ounces Redox daily to remove toxins from my body and rebuild my cells while undergoing Chemo. I’ve been taking Redox for 10 months. The Redox, supplements and prayers worked! My lab results have been and continue to be above average. The Infusion nurse was always amazed at how I looked. I guess to her trained eyes, I didn’t look like I was on Chemo. If you ask me, that was God’s grace at work. Without Redox I do not believe I would have done as well as I did. The process and experience were hard, but I was determined.

Redox kept me strong. It restored my cells and rebuilt my body from the inside out. Although this was very challenging, God’s grace and Dr. Barbara supporting me every step of the way on my journey, I am cancer free. My Oncologist said she would see me in a year.

Dr. Barbara I can’t thank you enough!



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