Yoni Steaming by Jad-Allure

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Yoni Steaming uses herbs to cleanse your vagina naturally without any side effects. It helps in releasing toxins from the body and also strengthens the reproductive system. This treatment can be done at home or you may opt for our Yoni Steam Service where we will come over to your place with all required equipment.

Benefits Of Herbal Vaginal Steam:

✓ Cleanses Your Body From Toxins And Improves Blood Circulation In The Genitals
✓ Helps To Relieve Stress, Anxiety & Depression
✓ Increases Libido
✓ Boosts Energy Levels
✓ Promotes Healthy Pregnancy
✓ Strengthens Immune System
✓ Reduces Infertility
✓ Treats Urinary Infections
✓ Prevents Yeast Infection
✓ Removes Odor
✓ Fights Against Bacterial Infection
✓ Eases Pain During Menstruation
✓ Stimulates Ovarian Function

Who should AVOID Yoni Steaming?

Pregnant Women – If pregnant or you suspect you might be pregnant, please consult a doctor first.
Women who have any type of infection (cervical, uterine or ovarian inflammation)
If You Are Using An IUD – This service is not recommended until after the removal of your Intrauterine Device.
Do not do vaginal steam if you have had vaginal surgery recently or has open wounds.
It is not recommended for women on their menstrual period.

How often should you get a yoni steam?

For overall self care, we recommend that you take two to three yoni steaming session per month. For specific questions and concerns, please consult with Dr. Barbara Samaroo



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